2021 Turkey Season

We are blessed to announce that we only have 3 available spots for our 2021 Turkey Season. To book one of these spots we only require a $100 deposit! You can call 417-674-1324 to book one of these spots.

New Addition

Lots of new additions going into the lodge this summer. A dart board has been put up and many new sheds have been displayed! We can not wait for everyone to be able to utilize all our little projects!

Gray’s Lodge Update

Gray’s Lodge is now the official lodge of Pro Outfitters. We are so excited with all the new additions to the lodge. We now have a workout room, large shower room, an amazing wood burning stove and so much more. This place will knock your socks off, it did ours!!

Crazy Start to the Missouri Turkey Season

Wow, mother nature has been one crazy lady this April ! The temps have been very low and we started the turkey season with a little snow! Hopefully next week those temps will start to climb and the birds will start flopping as we yell “THUNDER CHICKEN DOWN!!”

Thank You for being a part of 2017:

2017 was such an amazing year for Pro Outfitters. And we couldn’t of done it with out all of you! The waterfowl season was the toughest on record, but we never gave up. Our clients are like family and we work hard to do everything we can for you. Our new lodge is yours to be a home away from Read More

How is the weather looking for the rest of December:

Temp for the next 3 to 4 days will still be in the low 50’s for a high and mid 30’s for the low. But starting Thursday the 21st temps should be back to normal, dropping to the low 30’s for a high temps and bounce around mid teens for lows.  This is great news!!!

Pit Lease Schedule has been released for 2018 season:

We will only have 16 Pit lease Groups available for the 2018 season dates are as follows: Group #1 – Arrive Nov. 2nd- Hunt Nov 3rd to 5th Group #2 – Arrive Nov 8th- Hunt Nov 9th to 11th Group #3 – Arrive Nov 11th- Hunt Nov 12th to 14th Group #4 – Arrive Nov 15th- Hunt Nov 16th to 18th Group #5 – Arrive Read More

What About This Weather?!?!

The past week has been a slow grind, but still managing to kill a few..but this week we finally get some cold weather. Bring on the migrators!! There is a cold front finally headed our way. It has been a grind to find those birds, but we have still managed to drop them. Now lets bring on this migration and Read More

New Lodge Update

Brad and the crew have been working non-stop on the new lodge! We can not wait to get all the pictures uploaded for everyone to see. Better yet, book those snowgoose hunts today and get to stay in our new North Lodge ! We are truly blessed to have such an amazing crew at Pro Outfitters. Not only crew, but Read More

Trail Cam Tips

1. Food and Minerals. Where legal, food and mineral attractants assure deer pause to have their picture taken. 2. Scents. Liquid food attractants (legal in most states) poured on stumps or logs can coax deer to linger for quality images. Check your state laws on liquid food attractants. 3. Water. During warmer months, positioning near water is a sure bet for increased Read More