New Lodge Update

Brad and the crew have been working non-stop on the new lodge! We can not wait to get all the pictures uploaded for everyone to see. Better yet, book those snowgoose hunts today and get to stay in our new North Lodge ! We are truly blessed to have such an amazing crew at Pro Outfitters. Not only crew, but clients are also a huge part of this is even being possible. You truly are family to us, and  this could not happen without you!  This has been a vision of Brad’s for a long time, and to see it unfold before his eyes….. amazing! The lodge in Mound City was always booked and we had to turn people down. This truly crushed Brad, he loves to hunt and grind it out next to clients daily. Now with this new expansion, we can have more people hunt with us. From waterfowl to big bucks we have a room for you ! Make sure you check us out on Facebook and follow us Instagram to see daily updates and pictures !!!   Come Join The Pro Outfitters Family!