Proper scouting for big bucks

Proper scouting is by far the most important part of preparing for the upcoming archery season. Even if your equipment is tuned to perfection, you shoot all summer long, and you hunt a prime piece of whitetail habitat come opening day, your chances of putting a mature buck on the ground are greatly reduced if you don't scout efficiently now. Read More

Keys to Rattling in a Mature Buck

Rattling There has been much written over the years as to when is the best time to rattle while deer hunting. The reality is that deer will respond to rattling throughout the season. There are however three primary periods that will generally produce the most action. These are the pre rut, peak rut, and post rut periods. Pre Rut Rattling During the Read More

Spring snow goose tips

Snow geese are fast learners and quickly become wary when hunted. They are long-lived and travel in large flocks, so thousands of experienced eyes examine every potential feeding and resting place for danger before landing. Furthermore, their nomadic lifestyle makes them difficult to locate. Hunting snow geese requires hard work and specialized strategies, but those who learn the tricks find it Read More

Late season ducking hunting tips

Biologists tell us in the early part of the migration birds build up on high protein food sources. Later in the season when the temperatures warm a lot of ducks hit the shallow water areas feeding on invertebrates. Many grain crops are not as attractive to them. In a sense the late season duck’s food source changes slightly. Hunters see a Read More

Late season bucks in Missouri

For many hunters in the Midwest, the rut is dwindling and gun seasons are winding down. There are fewer bucks left now and those that have made it through are about as reclusive as it gets. Season over, right? Hardly. The late season is about to be upon us and it can be an awesome time for truly big deer. The Read More

2012 Hunting season

The 2012 season is coming to a close for us and I'm now reflecting on the year. 2012 started out with a bang for us. The spring goose season was great. The birds arrived early and stayed longer than we anticipated. The dry weather helped us to move fields more often and kept kill numbers high. 2012 was also a record Read More

Bring on the rain !!

Today at least some biologists believe that the amount of rainfall during the late summer/early fall period also can have a direct effect on rack size. They base that premise on the fact that during the primary antler growth period a vast majority of the nutrients taken in go toward tissue and skeletal growth. Only after bodily needs are completed Read More

Happy Father’s Day

With Fathers day arriving on Sunday, I'm thinking about how special of a day this is, and how lucky I was to have had 3 great Dads that helped shape and mold me into the man I am today.  Unfortunately, all 3 have passed onto  a better place, but still play a big roll in my life. My dad passed Read More

Heres's 5 tips to help you bag that monster this fall Location When picking a hunting location, you want to make sure your stand has some of the several necessities. First you need to be able to access your stand without spooking deer. This is one of the harder items to accomplish. One way to help accomplish this is to cut Read More

Kansas land of the giants

I often get asked "where's your favorite place to hunt ??" Answer: Kansas, even though my two biggest bucks with a bow and muzzleloader came from Missouri. Kansas is still my favorite place and here's a couple reasons why: First reason-Pressure, there's only .5 hunters per sq mile! In whitetail hunting pressure dictates everything. Second-Even as a resident you can Read More