2012 Hunting season

The 2012 season is coming to a close for us and I’m now reflecting on the year. 2012 started out with a bang for us. The spring goose season was great. The birds arrived early and stayed longer than we anticipated. The dry weather helped us to move fields more often and kept kill numbers high.
2012 was also a record year for turkeys. We took 31 hunters and had 29 kills on film. The birds worked great, thanks to the guys at The Turkey Roost. Their stuffer decoys are the best in the business. Another great hatch this spring should make for another awesome spring.
The summer was spent hanging stands, putting in food plots, and checking our Nutra Deer mineral sites. During early summer the bucks were hitting the Party Mix hard and we got some great bucks on camera. The summer drought hurt us more than we anticipated and EHD took a couple good bucks down. Overall, we found 13 bucks dead.
As we moved into early fall, warm temps made for some of the toughest hunting in years! We did take down a couple nice bucks.
2012 was the year for missed shots. Overall, we missed 7 bucks during archery and rifle season. A couple of the bucks we missed were Jumbotron, The Freak, and Boomer, all bucks over 170 inch.
Rifle season was warm and windy, but 11 out of our 16 clients still managed to kill great bucks. Duck season started warm and with the migration behind schedule the hunting was slow the first 3 weeks, but when the migration was in full swing we started to pound the birds. Over a 10 day stretch we killed 37 limits. Overall,
it was another great year for us. We had clients join us from 31 states, 2 countries, and had 167 people make Pro Outfitters their fall vacation spot. We are really excited about 2013, we have expanded into Nebraska. We have landed some additional ground in Missouri and we are continuing to build in Kansas. We are excited to be announcing our biggest sponsor in January and looking forward to another great year. Special thanks to all our sponsors and clients that helped make 2012 another success. We really appreciate your support and business and look forward to seeing you again in 2013.