Kansas land of the giants

I often get asked “where’s your favorite place to hunt ??” Answer: Kansas, even though my two biggest bucks with a bow and muzzleloader came from Missouri. Kansas is still my favorite place and here’s a couple reasons why: First reason-Pressure, there’s only .5 hunters per sq mile! In whitetail hunting pressure dictates everything. Second-Even as a resident you can only kill one buck, most won’t waste a tag on a small buck. If you want big bucks, you gotta let the small ones walk! Reason 3-The Rut, nothing like having your bow during the prime time! With rifle season post rut, you have almost all of November to bag a giant with your bow. Some may think that having the rifle season late is a bad thing, but I love it. You have food plots, corn feeder, or in our case Nutra Deer out and the bucks will be hunting the grub hard. They know the hard winter is coming and after spending the last month chasing does and fighting, they are hungry. Food becomes the main target to bagging a monster buck! All this talk about Kansas has me pumped up for September. Good luck to all those who have a Kansas deer tag in their pocket for this fall. If you are still thinking about Kansas, but don’t have a spot to hunt, let us take you on a hunt of a lifetime in Kansas. We still have a few spots open!