Fitness a key to a successful hunt

In my opinion one of the things we as hunters over look the most is fitness. We all focus on great equipment,having the right ground scouting the area but few take the extra time to be physically fit for the type of hunt there going on !! It wasn’t until abt 4 yrs ago that I really started to focus on being physically fit and in shape for the hunting season. For me I wanted to be able to give my clients the best hunt I could and being overweight I felt I wasn’t giving my clients the service they deserve ! I’m old school yes I have all the new toys the iPhones,Polaris rangers and every little device that gives me an advantage but when it comes to hunting I like to use my instincts and the two legs God gave me ! For us we only use our Polaris rangers to recover our game and get it from the field to the lodge ! No matter the conditions snowy, rainy or muddy every client walks to and from the stand !! I’m a scent freak and I don’t want anything unnatural or anything the deer aren’t use to hearing in the woods to spook them !! So for all our clients you need to be in decent shape to hunt with us ! I’m not much for lazy people or lazy hunters. If you want that big buck your gotta earn it by walking ! The benefits of being physically fit goes farther than just being able to walk to the stand ! The better the shape your in, the more alert you will be in the stand and the more endurance you will have to ride that stand all day during the rut !! Some of the draw back to be overweight is your going to sweat more , there’s a chance you won’t be able to fit in a stand and be limited to hunting a few select spots !! If your willing to spend your hard earned
money on an expensive hunt you should be wiling to go the extra mile and be physically fit to go on the hunt ! To be honest hunters that are over weight and out of shape are a liability to outfitters and decrease your chances of success ! It’s no secret these days when you watch outdoor tv all the big names are physically fit. Being fit is a great invest for your next hunt and also a great investment for your future hunts !! Being physically fit doesn’t mean killing yourself trying to be the next Tony Horton author of P90X. It’s simple, start small just 30 minutes aday of walking is a great way to get started ! Success breeds success you will find that the success you have during the off season will help You become a better hunter this fall and increase your chances of success !!