Are you prepared to succeed ?

It’s often said that knowledge is power. There’s a lot of truth there, and most hunters know just that. Most times our success is defined by our ablity to hold ourselves together in an adreline charged moment of truth. Yet focusing on the shot alone loses sight of all the hardwork that goes into earning that  fleeting pressure packed encounter with a trophy animal. Success is where preparation meets opportunity. I often hear the words  ” you’re a lucky hunter”, but I believe luck is created from all your hardwork.  Being an outfitter for 10 yrs,  I have seen my fair share of hard workers and lazy hunters. Last year one of our clients, Ben Lansford showed that when hardwork and opportunity meet, success is inevitable. It would be easy to say that Ben was a great client, that he listened to every word we said, but that was the farthest from the truth. From day one he questioned every stand location and asked many questions. After a couple days of hard questioning us about stands, he connected on a 173  bow kill. At the time, I didn’t know how dedicated and focused a hunter he was, to say Ben is a prepared hunter would be an understatement. For him the season never ends, from tunning his bow to setting treestands and scouting yr round. I have found very few people with his hardwork and preparation. The saying your only as good a hunter as the ground you hunt,  is so true !! Ben hunted hard just didn’t have the properties to show for the work he put in. Ben first P&Y buck scored a 173 inches. My point is to be great and kill great deer you need prime properties and be willing to put in the time and make sacrifices that most hunters aren’t willing to make. The real season begins where the last one ended . If you want 2011 to be your season, get out spend more time scouting, shooting, and finding those prime spots. There’s nothing more rewarding than putting in your hardwork and time and then getting to wrap your hands around a monster buck !!

Good luck this season and happy hunting

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