Where is the new lodge located?

Our new lodge is located at 110 Ash Rulo, Nebraska.

It can sleep up to 28 and yes we still have mom cooking her amazing meals !


In what county are you located in Missouri?

In Missouri, we are located in Holt and Nodaway county

In what county are you located in Kansas?

In Kansas we are in Unit 11, Bourbon and Crawford county.

Do you need to apply for tags or can you purchase them anytime?

All Missouri tags you can purchase online anytime or over the counter.

In Kansas, you can purchase online anytime or over the counter all tags, except deer. For Deer tags in Kansas, you must apply April 1st.

Is the land we will be hunting private or public?

Pro Outfitters only guides on private land for our use only.

What types of stands will we be hunting out of?

We use ladder stands, box blinds, and ground blinds. We like to fit the stand to the client’s comfort level and needs.

If I kill a deer and don’t want the meat, can I donate it?

Yes, you can donate the meat to Missouri Hunters to feed the hungry program. There is a cost involved with the donation.

Do you welcome women and children?

Yes, we welcome women and children, they are the future of our sport.

Are all of your hunts fully guided?

No, all deer hunts are semi-guided, meaning you’ll work with a guide who will walk you to and from the stand. The rest of our hunts are fully guided.

Are all of your hunts fair chase?

Yes, all of our hunts are fair chase and none of our properties are high fenced.

Are guide tips included in the price of the hunt?

No, our guides work really hard to ensure a safe and memorable hunt, please show them your appreciation.

Where is the closest airport to Pro Outfitters?

We are located 90 miles Northwest of Kansas City International Airport in Kansas City, MO.