Gray’s Lodge: 06/22/18

Gray’s Lodge is now the official lodge of Pro Outfitters. We are so excited with all the new additions to the lodge. We now have a workout room, large shower room, an amazing wood burning stove and so much more. This place will knock your socks off, it did ours!!




Crazy start to the Missouri Turkey season: 04/16/18

Wow, mother nature has been one crazy lady this April ! The temps have been very low and we started the turkey season with a little snow! Hopefully next week those temps will start to climb and the birds will start flopping as we yell “THUNDER CHICKEN DOWN!!”


Thank you for being a part of 2017: 01/01/2018

2017 was such an amazing year for Pro Outfitters. And we couldn’t of done it with out all of you! The waterfowl season was the toughest on record, but we never gave up. Our clients are like family and we work hard to do everything we can for you. Our new lodge is yours to be a home away from home.  Mom killed it again with all her amazing food. The only problems we had, were guys eating too much and rolling to bed. We can not wait to see what 2018 has for Pro Outfitters. We hope each and everyone of you come see us and the new lodge this year!



How is the weather looking for the rest of December: 12/17/2017

Temp for the next 3 to 4 days will still be in the low 50’s for a high and mid 30’s for the low.

But starting Thursday the 21st temps should be back to normal, dropping to the low 30’s for a high temps and bounce around mid teens for lows.  This is great news!!!



12/10/2017   Pit lease schedule has been release for the 2018 season:


We will only have 16 Pit lease Groups available for the 2018 season dates are as follows:

Group #1 – Arrive Nov. 2nd- Hunt Nov 3rd to 5th

Group #2 – Arrive Nov 8th- Hunt Nov 9th to 11th

Group #3 – Arrive Nov 11th- Hunt Nov 12th to 14th

Group #4 – Arrive Nov 15th- Hunt Nov 16th to 18th

Group #5 – Arrive Nov 18th- Hunt Nov 19th to 21st

Group #6 – Arrive Nov 22nd- Hunt Nov 23rd to 25th

Group #7 – Arrive Nov 25th- Hunt Nov 26th to 28th

Group #8 – Arrive Nov 29th- Hunt Nov 30th to Dec 2nd

Group #9 – Arrive Dec 2nd- Hunt Dec 3rd to 5th

Group #10 – Arrive Dec 6th- Hunt Dec 7th to 9th

Group #11 – Arrive Dec 9th- Hunt Dec 10th to 12th

Group #12 – Arrive Dec 13th- Hunt Dec 14th to 16th

Group #13 – Arrive Dec 16th- Hunt Dec 17th to 19th

Group #14 –  Arrive Dec 20th- Hunt 21st to 23rd

Group #15 – Arrive Dec 23rd- Hunt 24th to 26th

Group #16 – Arrive Dec 27th- Hunt 28th to 30th


See the duck hunting packages page for prices and details



What about this weather: 12/06/2017

The past week has been a slow grind, but still managing to kill a few..but this week we finally get some cold weather. Bring on the migrators!! There is a cold front finally headed our way. It has been a grind to find those birds, but we have still managed to drop them. Now lets bring on this migration and drop those temps !!!!


New lodge update: 11/08/2017

Brad and the crew have been working non-stop on the new lodge! We can not wait to get all the pictures uploaded for everyone to see. Better yet, book those snowgoose hunts today and get to stay in our new North Lodge ! We are truly blessed to have such an amazing crew at Pro Outfitters. Not only crew, but clients are also a huge part of this is even being possible. You truly are family to us, and  this could not happen without you!  This has been a vision of Brad’s for a long time, and to see it unfold before his eyes….. amazing! The lodge in Mound City was always booked and we had to turn people down. This truly crushed Brad, he loves to hunt and grind it out next to clients daily. Now with this new expansion, we can have more people hunt with us. From waterfowl to big bucks we have a room for you ! Make sure you check us out on Facebook and follow us Instagram to see daily updates and pictures !!!   Come Join The Pro Outfitters Family!

Trail Cam Tips

1. Food and Minerals. Where legal, food and mineral attractants assure deer pause to have their picture taken. 2. Scents. Liquid food attractants (legal in most states) poured on stumps or logs can coax deer to linger for quality images. Check your state laws on liquid food attractants. 3. Water. During warmer months, positioning near water is a sure bet for increased Read More

It’s all abt the ducks!!

I love the Duck Dynasty craze, it's been great for business and helps people understand what drives us hardcore hunters and what we are truly about. I still laugh every time a new client or Duck Dynasty fan thinks I have long hair and wear face paint because of DD. I have had long hair and been wearing face paint Read More

Whitetail Scouting

Proper scouting is by far the most important part of preparing for the upcoming archery season. Even if your equipment is tuned to perfection, you shoot all summer long, and you hunt a prime piece of whitetail habitat come opening day, your chances of putting a mature buck on the ground are greatly reduced if you don't scout efficiently now. Read More

Proper scouting for big bucks

Proper scouting is by far the most important part of preparing for the upcoming archery season. Even if your equipment is tuned to perfection, you shoot all summer long, and you hunt a prime piece of whitetail habitat come opening day, your chances of putting a mature buck on the ground are greatly reduced if you don't scout efficiently now. Read More

Keys to Rattling in a Mature Buck

Rattling There has been much written over the years as to when is the best time to rattle while deer hunting. The reality is that deer will respond to rattling throughout the season. There are however three primary periods that will generally produce the most action. These are the pre rut, peak rut, and post rut periods. Pre Rut Rattling During the Read More

Spring snow goose tips

Snow geese are fast learners and quickly become wary when hunted. They are long-lived and travel in large flocks, so thousands of experienced eyes examine every potential feeding and resting place for danger before landing. Furthermore, their nomadic lifestyle makes them difficult to locate. Hunting snow geese requires hard work and specialized strategies, but those who learn the tricks find it Read More

Late season ducking hunting tips

Biologists tell us in the early part of the migration birds build up on high protein food sources. Later in the season when the temperatures warm a lot of ducks hit the shallow water areas feeding on invertebrates. Many grain crops are not as attractive to them. In a sense the late season duck’s food source changes slightly. Hunters see a Read More

Late season bucks in Missouri

For many hunters in the Midwest, the rut is dwindling and gun seasons are winding down. There are fewer bucks left now and those that have made it through are about as reclusive as it gets. Season over, right? Hardly. The late season is about to be upon us and it can be an awesome time for truly big deer. The Read More

2012 Hunting season

The 2012 season is coming to a close for us and I'm now reflecting on the year. 2012 started out with a bang for us. The spring goose season was great. The birds arrived early and stayed longer than we anticipated. The dry weather helped us to move fields more often and kept kill numbers high. 2012 was also a record Read More

Bring on the rain !!

Today at least some biologists believe that the amount of rainfall during the late summer/early fall period also can have a direct effect on rack size. They base that premise on the fact that during the primary antler growth period a vast majority of the nutrients taken in go toward tissue and skeletal growth. Only after bodily needs are completed Read More